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Romantic Walk in Sunset

First Things first


Get the first thing first and everything else falls into place. Your relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship in your life. Your love for him should flow into your love for others.

Message from Scott & Jeanny 

First things first. What is your first? What I mean is what do you think comes first in your life, actions, thoughts, etc… Don’t go with the children’s church answer, “Jesus.” Answer truthfully, it is probably your kids, your job, your hobbies, maybe even your spouse. The problem is all of these are wrong. The answer we must get to is, in fact, the children’s church answer, God.


You see Scripture is very clear what should be our priority. God.


“Jesus replied, “ ‘You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.” | Matthew 22:37-38


God must be your first. The main thing must remain the main thing if you allow other things to get in the way you will end up in a place you never expected or wanted. Jesus tells us what our first and greatest commandment is, love God.


Jeany and I (Scott) have had to learn this the hard way like you probably have. There were times in our lives when we put our jobs first, our hobbies or friends first, our kids first, or even each other first. That sounds good and desirable but each of these things cannot and should not be in first place. Seems like it would make the most sense to put our spouse/significant other first to see our relationships improve. But this would be the wrong thing. Placing our wives/husbands/significant others first is still missing the main thing that provides and supports everything.


God is #1. Spouse is #2.

So Pursue God first and see that everything begins to fall exactly into place. And one of the best ways to experience this is by spending time with God together. Meaning read and pray with your spouse. Pursuing God is not a private action, share in your pursuit with your loved one.


And as you pray with each other also pray for each other. Think about this, if you began praying for someone you hated your hate for that person would probably diminish, right? Well, it is hard to be mad, hate, or even divorce your spouse if you are praying for them. So make a list of things that you can be praying for and start doing it.


Jeanny and I (Scott) are not perfect at it but we have experienced much more benefit of reading God’s Word together because of technology. With apps like YouVersion Bible app, we can read a daily devotional from our phones and comment our thoughts and communicate all from our mobile devices. So even if you both are on the run constantly and it is difficult to find the proper time to sit down now you can do it no matter your schedule.


And as you begin praying also begin reading the Scripture together. Even if you are not reading it together, read the same verses and discuss it.


Let this first week be the foundation for what God does in our relationships. Seek Him. And as you seek Him you will begin to see with more clarity and wisdom how your other relationships should look and how you should act. Seek God first and everything else will resolve itself.


Bold claim I know, you got a lot of struggles, a lot of stress, a lot of things cause anxiety but I am willing to bet on this one. Put God first in your life and see Him work to resolve.


& actions 

Q - Write down a time when God felt the most real to you.



A - Chose a time to pray with your spouse… Schedule it in. Write it down. Literally right now, do it!

A - Share your favorite Bible verse with your spouse and talk about it.

Q - Briefly write down your story of how you came to know Jesus and share with your spouse, significant other, friend, and/or Community Group.​


A - Go on a walk with your spouse and enjoy God’s creation, together.

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