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sex & purity


Text about series... The details and main point. 

Message from Scott & Jeanny 

In most of the examples and discussions, the information has been exactly the same for those single, dating, and married. But here each path diverges, if you are single or dating it is vital that you have a proper understanding of sex and God’s design for it. That you properly follow that for the benefit and blessing of your current or future relationship. If you are married you have made a covenant with your spouse and now God blesses that unity and sex within the confines of marriage is accepted and recommended.


Within our society and within our own assumptions it is understood that as someone gets married the sex becomes less frequent. And sadly this can become the reality in many marriages. Not because it is meant to be but because we get it wrong.


A couple recommendations; work diligently on seeking God first, having fun with your spouse, and fighting fair. When you do these things your relationship feels more like teamwork then opponents fighting to the death. It is much easier to desire and have sex with your spouse when you're not fighting them. And this is important for your relationship in communication but also because then you stand a better chance of not seeking something somewhere else.


Moving onto purity… No matter where you are; single, dating, or married purity is so important. The way you approach every relationship is the groundwork and foundation for that relationship. If it is built on lies, hidden actions, mistrust, etc… you are likely set for a season of hurt and difficulty.

Work diligently not to allow toxins into your life; lying, porn, thoughts, and words. Because we are bombarded by porn more than ever you can quickly find yourself in a place that you think is normal and acceptable. Do not fall for this lie! Porn is more available than ever before but it slowly does damage that is so difficult to undo.


Are you staying pure? Single people, are you seeking God and allowing Him to guide the person for you to you? Or are you seeking immediate pleasure until someone comes along? I (Scott) always loved the   “Who is buying the cow if the milk is free?” That milk is worth something so stop giving it out! Dating couples, are you desiring your relationship to be built on a firm and strong foundation? Or do you think you are just like a married couple so it’s okay? Remember, that cow has not been bought! If they don’t like it, then they should have put a ring on it (thanks Beyonce). And married couples, are you seeking God and each other? Or have you turned your marriage, God’s blessing into a business? Just working to keep the budget in the black and the kids on a path to ‘success?’ But you left your spouse behind.


Impurity can ruin you! Just look around; politicians, pastors, actors, and others have ruined their careers, future, and relationships because of the little cobweb in their lives that continued to grow until it destroyed them. Just for a moment stop and think about that. What if you got to a place where your relationship/marriage was destroyed because of your unfaithfulness? How would your life look different? Your kids? Your families?


Talk about a downer right? Probably not the most enjoyable thing to think about but it is vital that we have the proper perspective. Your marriage and future depend on you being pure.


& actions 

Q - What is something that takes more priority than your spouse/significant other? Take the place of God?


- Give something up this week. Something that gets in the way. Maybe shut off Netflix, social media, T.V. for a week.


A - Share how each of you is compromising your relationship.


Q - What outward changes do you need to make to reflect a life of purity?

A - Write a sincere letter and find a creative way to give it to your spouse/significant other.

A - Cook together! Talk together!


Q - How is the state of your heart? Your morale? How are you doing? Share it.  


A - Share something nice about your spouse/significant other. Post it on social media (after the week off :) or say it in front of others.


Q - How can you be more present in your relationship? Ask your spouse/significant other and write it down.

A - Give your spouse/significant other a hug and kiss every time you see them today.  

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