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Want to get smart? Get punished!

That sounds weird... Like, black olives in my salad are weird. If you read Proverbs, a great book in the Old Testament, you will discover excellent thoughts about wisdom and fulfillment, but sometimes the statements are strange.


To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction. - Proverbs 12:1


Why does one need to receive discipline or punishment to Learn? This goes against everything in human desire. It goes against our actions and our feelings. We don't want any pain, any discomfort, any negative emotions.

But the author seems to connect the gaining of knowledge to the experience of discipline... why?

Often it is the upside-down of our human thinking that the work of God dwells. It seems the opposite to seek wisdom in discipline.

You have become stronger through your greatest struggles.

But if we stop and process this, I think you would agree strength comes from struggles.

I have grown through some of the greatest struggles and most difficult experiences in my life. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger (you just started humming the song).


I hope you hear this... We need correction from God. From His Word. From the Church. Some of you just cringed as you read that. You don't want anyone to tell you what to do. But a big part of the church is to correct. To aid in the maturing process of believers. So, if you are unwilling to be challenged by others, you are unwilling to be humble.

Humility is essential to follow Jesus properly!

Humility is essential to follow Jesus

How are you seeking wisdom?

How are you growing and maturing in your faith?

Are you willing to be challenged and corrected by others?


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