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I have begun to read more on is an ancient tradition in Christendom... Sabbath.

The sabbath over years and generations has led many to think of the sabbath as the church on Sunday. Many believe they are practicing the sabbath because they are attending a church service.

But this lacks a lot of truth in the command that God gave every person no matter their leadership skills, maturity, or stage of life.

As much as I would love to unpack this topic, now is not the right time (as I continue to pursue this subject, I will discuss it in these blogs).

The question I have for you is this... Are you focusing on a lot of things? Maybe you are busy all the time. Perhaps those things are good. But if you continue to live a life of constant busy you are missing a significant need within your soul.

To pause.

To stop and be able to search your soul.

And here is the truth that we often see in every aspect of our lives—opposite of our thoughts. The less you do, the more impact you have.

For too many (myself for sure), we have lived such busy lives on the go all the time that we have missed so many great opportunities. I often look at my four children (all over the age of eight now), and I question where was I during their younger years? Life flew by. I missed so many opportunities to love on them because I was busy working and focusing on my endeavors. And most of those endeavors were good, but they were not as great as my fatherly impact on my children.

So, how can you stop and focus on what matters most?


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