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What is the point of church? If you are reading this, you probably go to church regularly (every couple of weeks). And you may be thinking, why even discuss it. “You are supposed to.” “Questions like this are the reason younger generations are neglecting the things that matter!” Said with your condemning and judgmental tone, ya, I know you.

But really... Why does the church matter?

What is the point?

For many, I believe that we have watered down the value of church to a tradition and ritual with minimal life impact. And in so doing, future generations are looking at the church and only seeing some ritual group of people gathering, but nothing more seems to be noticeable.

I honestly believe the church is the hope of the world! It is where lives are transformed. It is the place where people of all backgrounds and generations lay down their opinions and personal desires and, in turn, unite together under the authority of Jesus.

The church might not always look like it, but it is designed to be the most diverse group—people from all over gathering and supporting each other.

And it was never about a structural force or impact through power. The church always succeeded where it was prosecuted and organic.

So, why does the church matter? Because Jesus started it and said, it would be the tool in which the world would know of Him and know Him.

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