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The Biggest Impact You Can Have

If you are a leader that is busy (let’s face it you are) and you too often are not available to meet with you team One-on-One. You are missing out on the biggest impact you can have!

Over the past month of my leadership I have begun to implement One-on-One meetings with my team. And I have seen an impact. Not only does my team know what I am trying to accomplish but I get to hear their stories, heart, experiences. I also now have built enough trust where I have them coming to me and sharing personal life.

It’s not that none of my team would share life together, its just that they are willing to share more of it. And if you are in ministry that is what it is about. If this is the only post of mine that you read I am more then excited. Most of everything else is stuff to help you accomplish tasks. This is to help you impact people. And if you are impacting your team, then they are doing the same thing with those that they are surrounded by.


Some homework (ya I'm like a teacher and stuff) ask these questions when you meet with each person.

  1. How am I unpredictable as a leader?

  2. What are one or two things I can do to build trust?

  3. Am I domineering?

  4. What can I do to make sure everyone has a chance to offer their opinions?

  5. What are three things I could share that would help you feel valued and help you care about our mission?


P.S. This is still applicable if you are the person on the ‘bottom of the totem pole.’ Everyone has relationships, encounters, and opportunities to impact those they re surrounded by.


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