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The word 'leader' comes with many assumptions, which can lead us to a place where we consider ourselves 'leaders' and others don't. But I believe we all have the ability and calling to lead. We may lead in different ways, but leading is what we do. Because leading has influence, and influence we can all have.

There has been a great mislead in our culture, specifically the church. For too many of us, we look at leaders as the staff—the pastors and directors of the church, but not anyone else. But Paul explains this in Ephesians. We have all been set apart as holy for God's purpose, united as one body. Not some, not a select few, but all.

So, do you view yourself as a leader? As you lead, there are some important, actually vital things to know. I have experienced many leaders that lead with grace and wisdom, and I have experienced leaders that seem to miss the whole of what it means to lead!

"When was the last time I made you mad?"

Leading greatest purpose is to influence others (staff/friends/etc...) to accomplish something as a team. But how can leaders do that if they never have one on one meetings? There are so many leaders that never meet with their people. They never provide clarity to the roles, opportunities, and hurdles. They never ask the questions that MUST be asked... "When was the last time I made you mad?" You ask that question, and I bet you will see great conversations!

I will also bet money that you will learn something and have the opportunity to improve. I share this from experience; the best thing that happened to me was learning to ask this question with the team I was leading. It may not have always been fun, but it was worth it!


So however you are leading, your work, your home, your friendships, your church, how can you ask this question to grow? Also, are you meeting with those you are leading? The best catalyst for momentum is relationships growing. So lead like never before!



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