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What Am I Supposed To Do When The World Is Falling?

That's the question, right? Look around. Things seem bad and only getting worse, right? What are Christians supposed to do when a world continues to move further away? Maybe it's what you are looking at in our political systems. Perhaps it's the hate and condemnation that many are throwing at others. What about our school system? How about areas where it seems like many are silent?

Here is the thing we need to respond to overreact. Too many are reacting to something we see or hear, and at the moment, it becomes a heightened reaction, or might I say an overreaction. And it is easy to see in Scripture that our responses are essential. Things will happen, bad things, in our world and in the global church. But how we react matters.

I would like to share a few crucial ways that we can look at to discover better ways for us as Christians to respond during tenacious moments.


Maybe you need to hear that today. God is still in control. GOD'S GOT THIS. God is not surprised by this, and we should not be either. Scripture shares this image of those that choose their own way over God's. And God doesn't just predict, but He does what he predicts. So, if God is not shocked by things taking place, neither should we.


So if we can remember that God is in control, we can trust Him and what He is doing. That means there is no reason to live in fear. Anytime we are afraid of what is happening around us, we are either not remembering God is in control, not believing it, or taking things into our own hands because we think we can do it better. Drop your pride and continue to trust God.


This truth also sets us free from attempting to take control and work to 'fix things. Think about this... Everyone desires to create a society/world that is at complete peace, unity, and justice. But, we as humans will never accomplish this. Never. Because of sin, because humanity is corrupted at its core. And it will only come about through the Word of God when Christ returns to reign. This does not mean that we are not called to do something, but I think it is essential to look at how. Too many of us come up with solutions to problems much more significant than us. And maybe a little humility would be necessary.


Some of you need to hear this. There is spiritual warfare. And too many of us are pointing the blame at others instead of seeing that spiritual warfare is abound and division, judgment, and condemnation are the evil goal. We must realize this; prayer is the most powerful weapon we have. So use it!


Paul writes to a young leader in Titus and reminds him to continue to live a righteous life, to remain pure. It is not the matter of being perfect, but it is essential to allow God's Word to humble us and direct us. Remain faithful to the Word of God. I can guarantee that if you continue to trust and follow the Word of God, you will only experience fulfillment and purpose. It truly is a blessed life.


Can I tell you I think the best move for us as followers of Christ is not to yell God's truth in a post on social media but in moments that God provides? I love having difficult conversations with people, but I believe the best way for this is at a table. Where I can listen and hear, and I can speak and share. And when there is a misunderstanding (there always is miscommunication), we can listen to each other and make sure our words are accurate. I truly believe God will provide opportunities where you can share the truth that God gives. It will set people free, but I think it is not your job to force it but to engage when He provides it.

Those are some of my thoughts lately. Do you agree? What would you add or change? Comment below, and let's have a healthy discussion.


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