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Why blog? Why another website to checkout? Well, all I can say is that give it a shot for a couple months and I believe you will find value in hanging out with me here. It is my goal to support everyone in any situation. Most of what I will be talking about is the church. How the church can impact and accomplish more then we may ever imagine.

I will be talking leadership, creative, and communications within the church. I will share the things that have been working well at my church (Generations) and also the things that just didn't. The things that inspire our team, challenge us to never stay content and how we can minister to our church and our volunteers.

I want this to be a place for you to discover new ideas, encouragement, and a place for you to find resources. Everything that I have had the privilege of working on is FREE to you. If you can't find something I am only a message away.

So here is to the future and our relationship together. When we work together the Church will have a greater impact!



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