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Department Structure

I love looking at other churches staff (volunteer) structure. It helps me question my departments current setup, look to future planning and understand roles for production and accomplishments. You will notice that we have certain positions that oversee particular areas but know that for us each person it is normal to step into a different area to fill a need. We all live with the mindset of "whatever it takes" and "one for all and all for one." No job is outside or 'beneath' us.

So here is our staffed positions. I chose not to list all of the key volunteer roles that also exist (I don't got time for all that typing). But know that we could not accomplish all that we do without some amazing volunteers.


Creative & Communications Pastor // That's Me

I have the honor of leading the Creative and Communications team. Most of my time goes to meeting with my team and casting vision, meeting with other ministries and lead team. I am the creative director for music, video, lighting, stage design, digital media, etc...

Sometimes it is tiring when it feels like I am in meetings all week but I love that I get to be a part of a vision for a element/event. I also love that I get to speak to the entire church. The look and feel of every environment and how we can make it better and more effective.

Worship Pastor // Steven Howell

Steven leads our music efforts at Generationscc for all campuses. He directly leads our worship team at our Trinity Campus of over 50 volunteers. I have the benefit of working directly with Steven on creative elements throughout our weekend services.

Steven started at Generations almost 4 years ago as a Audio Engineer, then he stepped into the role of Technical Director, and now we have the honor of him leading our worship as Worship Pastor. Steven truly lives out the mindset of "whatever it takes." It is not surprising to see Steven working on technical enhancements or shooting/editing a video. God has given Steven many gifts (and patience) that our church benefits from all the time.

Technical Director // Andrew Brooks

Andrew leads our production/technical efforts at Generationscc for all campuses. He has the difficult task of managing all technology across two campuses. That is over 90,000 square feet of buildings that have technology installed. He also leads our Technical Assistant and Live Video Producer. I have the benefit of working directly with Andrew on creative/production elements throughout our weekend services.

Andrew started at Generations over 2 years ago as a Audio Engineer, his first day was Christmas Eve (talk about trial under fire) and then he stepped into the role of Technical Director. Andrew is another crazy talented dude. He leads worship as well (actually was are Worship Leader at our Spring Hill Campus while still Technical Director).

Project Manager // Brigitte Laslo

Brigitte manages all of the projects going through our department (I cannot explain how many different projects our team is working on at one time). From an email request to a churchwide event Brigitte's hands are all over it. She helps a team of 'creatives' stay on track and time (this is no easy task). She also controls all of the administrative work from our team, invoices and scheduling.

Brigitte has been on staff at Generations for 5 years and recently (the last 2 years) transitioned from our administrative team to our Creative department (I think a wise choice). She reminds me of a circus, because she can juggle a lot of different things at the same time (you like that? I got jokes for days).

Communications Coordinator // Kelly Love

Kelly is the new recruit and has jumped into a big role. Kelly leads all communications efforts. She is responsible for social media, web, print, etc... Working with other ministries for promoting and creating content for upcoming events, classes, etc...

Kelly has only been with us for 3 months so she is easing into the role but has taken on a lot and eager and willing to take on more. She may be a cat lover (which is a tragedy) but she has been a great fit into our department and has filled a big need.

Technical Assistant // Anthony Augistino

Anthony is a home grown boy. He grew up in our youth group and now helps create our weekend services. He helps with all campus technical issues, lighting cues for weekend services and leading our tech volunteers. Anthony has been a great asset and all around good dude.

Anthony works part-time while in college and has a servants heart to boot. If he were a restaurant he would be chic-fil-a because he is bomb at customer service.

Live Video Producer // BJ Moss

BJ is also home grown. He actually (with his family) were the first volunteers to start IMAG at Generations. He has seen it from its humble beginnings to our current set up. BJ leads and schedules our Live Video volunteers. He spends a lot of his time keeping our team trained up and up to speed.

BJ rocks the yeezy's (shoes) with joggers all day every day and loves cars. He is big into photography and video work for a local rim shop.

Set Carpenter // Steve Harold

Steve has been a part of Generations around the same time telephones were created. He has done it all and has been a huge pillar within the church. Steve leads all set designs, prop builds, churchwide design, etc... He truly is a blessing to the church and our team. We have been able to get a lot done and make things look professional when in reality it was done cheap.

Steve rocks it at golf and some skiing (obviously not in Florida). He has an awesome family and is the only one on our team that can celebrate being a grandparent. But that does not stop him from having some of the most forward thinking ideas.


This is our current staffing within the Creative & Communications Department. What is your department like? Got questions? I got answers! I would love to chat about it with you.


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