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Early Riser

There is two type of people in this world. People that wake up early and those that don’t. Some people like to wake up early others have to. But when the weekend comes, they sleep to the desire of their hearts (unless they have kids, then the dream of sleeping in has vanished and will never return).

Which one are you?

I would argue that I am an early riser, but there are other people that I think are even more insane. Their definition of early and mine are slightly different. 3AM is not the morning! It is still night time, and no one should be awake! But 5AM to 6AM, now that is more acceptable. And the reason I like this is because when I wake up, get to the gym, and do my personal devotional before 9AM I feel better and get more accomplished for the rest of the day.

What do you think Jesus was?

Mark 1:35 "35 Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray.”

There is this moment where Jesus wakes up “before daybreak.” Now I will accept that there are different types of people. Some are night owls (my wife), she can get a lot done at midnight. I’m passed out counting sheep while she gets along accomplished. So there are different types of people, but for me, I believe there is something important about the morning. When someone starts their day off in God’s Word it just seems like the rest of the day is better, your perspective is healthier. Just my two cents.

But here Jesus wakes up early, and it says he finds an ‘isolated’ place to go and pray. Even Jesus recognizes the importance of prayer. Following Jesus’ direction, you should also spend time in prayer. So, where is your ‘isolated’ place? Where do you go to communicate with God? When do you in the day? Can’t think of the last time you prayed?

Join me today and commit. Commit to praying daily, put it on your calendar, add a reminder on your phone, set the alarm, just do something, so it becomes a habit. Then look at your attitude, perspective, and actions and see God work.


If you want to experience God at work in your life, providing fulfillment, blessing, it starts with prayer. It begins with a real relationship, communication.

You won’t experience anything different if you don’t do anything different. So join me and apply these things to your day.

1. Pray at the beginning of your day (once you wake up, after the gym, in the car, just start)
2. Pray for guidance and wisdom in your actions (what you are going through and discussion you need to make)
3. Pray for your family (spouse/significant other, kids, parents, siblings).

Try it and let’s look back in a few weeks and see God at work in our lives when we first seek Him. I look forward to seeing and hearing what God does in your life when you spend time in communication with Him.




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