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It's Okay To Not Be Friends

Stop right there... Think of that person you know you can't be friends with (maybe more than one person). Okay, you have that person in mind, now do you think it is okay to not be friends with them? Be honest... so, let me help you; it's okay to not be friends.

But make sure you understand that correctly. I am not saying that you should hate or condemn that person. Maybe you just don't have them over for a BBQ. It doesn't have to be turf wars; just don't think you also have to have them over for your kid's birthday.

There is a picture of this happening in Scripture. In Acts, Paul and Barnabas are doing ministry, and they begin to disagree on the how and what of ministry. One wants to go in one direction, and the other wants to go another way. One thinks that ministry should happen a certain way while another wants to do things differently (sound familiar today?). Well, likely it appears they had some disagreement that would naturally lead to some frustration. But what they did next is essential. They decided to go different ways. They had a split. But how they did it matters most. They agreed they can both go two different ways to spread the Gospel and have a BIG impact. This moment for them was a clear acknowledgment that they are not a 'good fit' together. So they separated and blessed each other on the way.

The most incredible pictures of Christ to the world is a united Church

Look. I believe that one of the most incredible pictures of Christ to the world is the Church. A group of people united under the authority of God. Make sure you catch the keyword, 'united.' A picture of the unity of people that don't always agree or have similar life experiences. Why? Because Christ is our new identity, not those other things. So I do want to make sure you understand this correctly; we as Christians should be united. Something beautiful happens when we humble ourselves and our opinions for the greater good.


"If people are causing divisions among you, give a first and second warning. After that, have nothing more to do with them." - Titus 3:10


But Scripture is also very clear that sometimes the best thing you can do is unfriend them. Just stop hanging out. Stop commenting and responding on your posts with them. Stop letting them have oxygen in your life. It's okay to not be friends.

Not being best friends may be the best thing for you

But I do want to encourage you, how you stop being friends matters. Through humility, compassion, and love, you can unfriend someone. Notice Scripture points out how. Warn them, warn them again, then just stop allowing them into your personal life. So... Who today do you need to stop being friends with?


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