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Job Vision Over Job Description

Some people may be freaking out right now... For some job descriptions are vital, the holy grail for a new position or a open position. This document shares the tasks, the expectations, the responsibilities and qualifications. That's like all you need to do your job!


The vision of a job is more important

then the responsibilities


To often when a job description is shared the focus of the job is narrowed. The applicants begin looking at if they are currently qualified, can they accomplish those responsibilities, would they find joy doing those tasks. This is not the goal if you are a leader! You should be looking for people that can help take your ministry/organization to the next level. And if the next level is only within your mind you have narrowed the potential.

Help cast a vision and let the team create the action plan. What if you spoke to the goal, the need, and let them determine the responsibilities to achieve that vision.


Let the vision determine the responsibilities


A vision for a job is the potential or need. Share why this position is needed, what is the conflict? Our team does this with volunteer roles as well. We have some roles that are easy to explain and the vision/need is apparent. But other positions are less extravagant and can seem


A perfect example for us is the volunteer role on the weekend as "front-row manager." This position can seem like a pastor sitter, get the pastors belongings, get water and mints for the pastor, tell the pastor when to go onto the stage, assist the pastor in any other ways. Doesn't sound very excited right? Well that is because you don't know the vision, the why. Our front-row manager helps our pastor prepare to share the word. Our pastors have a heavy burden during the weekend as they are preparing to speak from what God has laid on their heart. The simple task of getting water is refreshing (because its water too) because the pastor knows that he can focus on one thing, preaching the gospel.

This position still may not seem important or exciting but I guarantee that others will and do desire to fill this role and any other role when the vision for it is clearly explained.



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