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At the beginning of every year people make resolutions. I have always found the idea silly for the fact that too often it was something they needed to stop doing (smoking, eating fast food, etc...) or start doing (gym, eat healthy, etc...). These were resolutions that just never seemed to actually happen. Gym memberships and attendance go up in January only to drop in February. So what the heck is the goal?

Well for the past couple years I have created goals. Goals for myself, for my ministry and for the team I serve alongside. I have a lot of goals for the year and to be successful at accomplishing them I add them to my calendar/reminders. So, throughout the year I have reminders for checking in on the goals and confirming deadlines.

Here are some of my goals for the year...



  • Be halfway finished with reading plan by June

  • Finish Bible reading plan by end of December


  • Decide who I am mentoring for the year

Ministry Relationships

  • Connect with other peeps in ministry

  • Start a quarterly meet up with other people in ministry


  • Continue blogging and vlogging twice a month


  • Go to the gym a minimum of 3 days a week

Books for 2017

  • I will listen to 12 audio books

  • I will read 6 books

These are about half of the goals I am making, what are your goals for the year?



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