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The Creative Process

I would like to share with you what is working for us here at Generations Church. Many of these actions and dates are revised from our old process. It is also always changing. We are not afraid to change it up if it will help us achieve our goals, be more creative, etc...

14 weeks out: I meet with our lead pastor to understand his goals and look over the series outline

13 weeks out: I go over the series outline and take notes of the main takeaways, first reactions I have and any other inspirational items gathered.

12 weeks out: We have a creative brainstorm. I will choose people from our Creative department and other ministries to attend. At this brainstorm I start with a icebreaker, something to inspire and set the tone of the meeting (ex. sending the team on a journey across the campus to the meeting because the series is based on the fact that we are all a spiritual journey). This meeting only lasts 2 hours. I will share a blog soon in depth about the creative brainstorm.

12 weeks out: I take the first half of the day after the creative brainstorm to process and go over all of the ideas shared. Then I begin to formulate all of the ideas that will be implemented using a Mind Mapping program. This helps me think through each area.

11 weeks out: I meet with our lead pastor to pitch the theme, creative ideas, etc... Once this is approved it gets loaded into our project management system (Basecamp 3).

10 weeks out: I meet with a graphic designer to discuss vision for the series. I meet with our video producer to discuss vision for videos. I meet with our worship leaders to discuss each weekend in the series and we build the weekends out in Planning Center.

4 weeks out: I meet with everyone to get a status update and discover any areas that I can help them succeed.


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