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You Mad Bro?

The reality is all jobs come with frustration... But I have noticed that ministry is another 'beast.' Other jobs you can get work done without dealing with people (as much), but ministry is all about people. And people are frustrating.

I believe there are three things that can help you overcome the issues that will occur and to get things done to the best of your ability.



The reality is you will get frustrated. You will have changes, different opinions, arguments. It's okay...

Ministry is more then just a job. The Church is more then just a 9 to 5 operation, we love the Church, we want to do our best for the Church, It drives us. But that also means it drives other people with different ideas and passions. BOOM, frustration.

Get upset, but don't leave it there you MUST do something with it.


Now is the time to deal with it. Do something, figure out how to resolve it.

When my wife and I argue (I know how could she argue with me? Im perfect) we both have different characteristics. I want to deal with it then and there, in the heat of the moment. She wants to 'stew' on it, think on the issues and then deal with it later. Is one right? No. Wrong? Nope.

It is obviously wise to let the issue settle before solving it (depending on the issue of course), because you do not want to react in a negative, highly emotional way. But it is never good to leave the issue untreated, that is the point when we begin making up stories in our heads. Assuming the worst out of others.

You must solve it. Talk it out, come to an agreement, do something! Remember coming to an agreement with someone else is not a bad thing. Your idea does not have to win for the church to win. Actually exactly the opposite. So maybe that agreement of two merging ideas is exactly what God wants and what is best.


Sometimes this is the biggest struggle, we don't move on, we linger and stay frustrated. This is where undesired tension and divisiveness comes from.

You must forgive and move on. You can not let the things that hurt you yesterday remain today. Today is a new day, move on! Recognize who you are in Christ, wonderfully made. Recognize who the person that hurt you is, wonderfully made.

Move on!


I truly believe that if you apply these three things to your thoughts and actions when dealing with issues (and you will deal with issues), you will have greater joy, better relationships, and a deeper passion for what you do.



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